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Special embroidery designs

Special embroidery designs that captivate in a paired arrangement in its beauty
Chakras Chakras

When chakras are the energy centers called a living and is associated with yoga, including traditional Chinese medicine and a few other esoteric teachings in conjunction. We have implemented the seven main energy centers in the patterns.

Relief images Relief images

To our relief, we chose images statues and busts of the history of art as a motive. They are distinguished by the bright aus.embroidered embroidered on colored background

Shadow embroidery Shadow embroidery

Our popular shadow embroideries are small, usually in black embroidery floss embroidery on a white background fairy tale characters. But other very fine motives can be found here on this page.

Altes Land Anno 1746 (Code: 4600-1)
Picture, approx. 50 x 45 cm, 22 colours, cotton-mixed fabric, easy-care, cream, 5 1/2 crosses/1 cm, cross-stitch
64,00 EUR
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Anna Schütze 1847 (Code: 4608-9)
Picture, approx. 48 x 50 cm, 33 colours, cotton-mixed fabric, easy-care, cream, 4 1/2 crosses/1 cm, cross-stitch with petit point
84,00 EUR
Incl. 19 % TAX plus shipping
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