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Religious motives

Christianity Christianity

Here you will find many beautiful images that connect us to the religion.

Icons Icons

The oldest surviving icons date from the 6th Century, however, are from the time before the destruction of the Byzantine iconoclastic controversy (9th century) there are very few copies. A few touch up you can use this.

Mandala Mandala

Mandala has its roots in Buddhism. In the western culture these mandalas are also popular today.

Madonna (Code: 2702-4)
Madonna 2702-4 27 x 35 cm, 24 colors, with petit-point part
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The Last Supper (Code: 2360-6)
after Leonardo da Vinci, Picture, approx. 136 x 50 cm, 56 colours, 9 stitches/1 cm, Gobelin with petit-point-section
419,00 EUR
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