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All good quality

We use exclusively fast dyes and yarns in first-class quality that do not endanger health.



Aida fabric
A natural fibre (cotton), easy-care. White. A fabric that can be counted out easily. Suitable for pictures, cushions, table runners.

Cotton mixture fabric (Jobelan)
Our most frequently used fabric, ideal for embroidering tablecloths. The mixture of cotton and modalic fibre makes the material easy to wash. There are cotton mixed fabrics ranging from fine to structured, white or coloured. Please note that the “coarser” the fabric, the easier it is to count out.

Hardanger, a fabric made of cotton and modalic fibre, is only used for tapestry embroidery.

Linen is a wonderful natural fibre that brings out fine embroidery that fully accentuates fine embroidery. In the colours white, natural or cream.

A white, easy-care fabric made of polyacrylic fibres interwoven with silver effect threads. Is very suitable for Christmas embroidery.