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Cross Stitch

We have developed a special pattern for cross-stitch that makes the counting out really easy. The middle of your embroidery work is marked on the counting pattern by a remark on the upper and side edge with the word "Mitte" and is specially marked in the middle of the pattern itself with a cross. Your embroidery or counting work should begin at this point. You can either start to embroider in the middle or also determine the beginning at the edge from here (if, for example the middle of a cloth is to remain unembroidered), by counting out the individual squares. This is very important to counteract any small irregularities within the number of threads and to transfer the embroidery to the fabric evenly in all directions.

Cross-stitch is done in two stages:
1.     The basic stitch
The stitch is always made from the lower left to the upper right corner and the thread is then led vertically along the back of the canvas to the next stitch.

Basic stitch 1 square = 1 stitch

2.     The cover stitch (back stitch)
This runs in the opposite direction always from lower right to upper left over the existing basic stitch.

Cover stitch 1 square = 1 stitch

Horizontal rows         Vertical rows

Make sure that the cover stitch is always sewn in the same direction – even if you are working vertical or diagonal rows in accordance with the colour guide (squares). Please note that in the lower diagrams of vertical rows a cross is first completed before you go on to the next stitch.